So, I’m at it again, it seems. Poetry. This came to me during Biology class. Not sure how exactly that happened.

You hit me down, you toss me to the ground
You kick me while I’m down
My face is bruised beyond recognition
My lip bleeds, and tears stream down my face
I choke on blood, my muscles ache

My bones cry out for mercy
My throat is thick, I cannot speak.
You look me in the eye as you destroy me,
You gaze deep into my soul, for you know me
You know me better than I know myself
Your actions hold no ounce of care or remorse
Your eyes, they are devoid of emotion
They are as cold as ice.
I struggle to my feet, and step closer to you.
Red fluid oozes out of my battered body.
I take another step, and another
Close, close, closer to you
And now, our bodies touch.
“Why do you do this to me?” I ask.
The mirror between us is cool to the touch as you answer,
“You make me do it.” You laugh.
My teeth are stained red, pink, yellow,
And my mouth tastes like copper as I grin at you.
Whatever you do to me, I’ll take
I’m yours to bruise and abuse, my friend,
For you and I are but one and the same.