I am not proud: I am simply quiet.
I do not look away in scorn,
I am simply unable to look you in the eye.
I do not yell to confront you or call you out
Sometimes, I simply need to be heard.
I do not have a heart of ice,
It is merely my shield against your blows.
If at times, I fail to listen,
It’s not that I shut you out-
I simply need to think.
I am not shying away from the stage, the hills, the rooftops:
Some mornings, I just stutter.
I am not angry; I am merely anxious.
I do not hold a grudge: I just need to hold back the tears.
When you point your finger at me,
I am not trying to pull out my swords,
And begin a heated duel:
I am simply trying not to crumble, bend, end
As you poke and jab and stab.
I am not the one you think you know,
I am merely the one you have not met.