It’s always a delicate balance. You might never know it’s happened, but perhaps something in your everyday routine altered the course of someone else’s path. A few steps to the right on the way home, instead of those few steps to the left, and you’re in the line of vision of a person whose line of vision you wouldn’t have been in otherwise. Two extra minutes spent chatting with your friends at school, and you reach your food joint two minutes later than usual; a glance to the side as you enter and you glimpse the back of your childhood best friend’s head. You decide not to take an umbrella, and you end up sharing with that girl whom you always wanted to talk to, but never did. You say something completely ordinary for you, and a new friend tells you you’ve just made their day. You share your happiness with that one person, just like you always do, but today, they’ve had enough of happiness- you are the trigger.
Foresee these little things, stop them from happening, or make them happen sooner? No, not unless you’re secretly God. In which case, why bother?