I wonder if you’ve forgotten that I never wanted this?

Have you forgotten the times I struggled against your chokehold-

All those bitter years of them-

Have you forgotten the moment I yielded?

I did not yield for myself-

For I still do not want this-

Why, why would I yield to be shackled.

If I had a choice?

However, I yielded. Not for myself,

Not because I was convinced,

But for you and you alone.

And in that moment of resignation,

I made for myself a colossal silver lining.

I called myself a dreamer,

Proudly taking my stand.

I presented passion, courage, risk and revolution,

And I said they were my drive.

And for my reasons- the pursuit of my passion-

Strangers applaud me.

My friends pity, for they know.

They know,

Slavery calls itself service,

And submission claims to be zeal.

All this, I would take no heed.

But see, you have forgotten.

Now, you crush my ribs-

Hoping to comfort-

And smother me as you tell me not to cry.

“Leader”, you mock, “it can’t be that hard”.

And that is when I know.

You’ve forgotten.

Hysteria embraces me,

For she is an old friend.