You are a flame.

Sometimes, you must flicker. 

You must grow weaker,

And tremble as the wind blows.

You must quiver in fear

As your shaky stance is threatened.

You must live in doubt,

For you are only a flame.

You could be destroyed today.

Instead, you defy.

You rise, glorious, magnificent,

And you grow.

You are weak.  I told you so.

But you know, you must rise.

For you are not just a flame.

You are fire.

You conquer all.

You quiver not- ridiculous!

You are mighty.

You are feared,

And you are brilliant.

You may not live long-

In that, we both agree: you are worthless.

But yes, you are brilliant;

You are,

And they know you.

They seek you out,

They desire you.

See, love, you are fire!

Do not come closer; distance yourself,

For I am frail.

You are glorious.

And you are brilliant.