You never have enough.

You say it is because you are ambitious;

But this is all I have to give.

You could drive me to insanity,

And I would welcome it,

For sanity is an illusion for a fool.

You crave greatness,

But I have craved it longer.

You wish to burn bright,

And that, I need.

When all you see is hollow,

You come to me,

With pretty words

And a friendly smile.

And you are so lovely,

That I take your outstretched hand.

I allow you to pull me out

From toxic, addictive loneliness.

As you walk ahead of me,

You seem to glow, as you so desire,

And I trail behind you, questions erased.

Hypnosis is your art.

You and I, we are creatures of desire,

Longing keeps us alive.

Love cannot penetrate our souls, not entirely:

Perhaps, for that, we are cold,


Our longing will take us far down this road,

Even if we never arrive.

The walk is desperate,


But since we are maddened beings,

It is pleasing;

For we long.

You shall forever be stronger than I,

And you do not require my company.

I shall walk too, however,

Half a step behind.

When gazing straight ahead becomes a chore,

You might glance my way.

It might be cold,

But I will long.

For you and I are creatures of desire,

And longing keeps us alive.