In a completely unexpected and unforeseen sequence of events, Trudy from Rendezvous En New York nominated me for the Infinity Dreams Blog Award.

Since I wish to appear composed and sophisticated, I’m not going into the details of the freak-out I had when she told me. A huge thank you, Trudy! And you should definitely check out her blog, which I became familiar with when we did the peer audit together. She is a lifestyle blogger who focuses on New York food, culture, art, life, its pulse, and everything about it, so go drop in!

Thank you again, Trudy. ^_^

So the rules go like this-

  1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
  2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers and set questions for them.

Let’s do this. *rubs hands together*

Eleven facts about myself.

  1. I set a countdown timer to my birthday one month before. No, I’m not proud of it.
  2. I enjoy texting more than any other form of communication.
  3. It’s really difficult for me to figure out whether I like or dislike attention, and I don’t think I’ll ever find out. So, I’m a shy attention whore? Is that a thing?
  4. I love tea, so I chug it religiously whenever possible.
  5. I’ve become obsessed with typology over the past year and a half, and it turned out I’m an INFP, so sometimes, late at night, I go crazy and have around twelve tabs open to typology and type description sites. And then, even later at night, I talk to myself really, really quietly, about how I shouldn’t spend so much time on this, because-insert scoff here- humans shouldn’t be labelled!
  6. I invest a lot in a lot of people.
  7. I still hold my Mum’s hand sometimes, in public. Laugh, but it won’t change a thing. *sticks out tongue*
  8. I will even, God help me, play a sport for you if you ask me to, but I will. Not. Dance.
  9. When I really like an artist, I ransack Youtube until my phone is full of all these horrible songs from the beginning of their career, and I end up having to delete them because it turns out I can’t be that kind of fangirl.
  10. I will do absolutely anything to distract myself from academics, except for a couple of subjects I really like. Right now, I’m supposed to be revising notes, but meh, who cares?
  11. Sometimes, only sometimes, (like, around, seven times a week)  I cyber-stalk people on Facebook, okay? Purely for observational purposes, of course.

Answering the questions set for me, now.

  1. How long have you been blogging?

Um, a bit under two years now? Or a lot under two years now. I just remember that I was fourteen when I started.

  1. What made you start blogging?

Well, at the time, I was lonely, had no friends, didn’t have pretty hair, my voice wasn’t that great, and all I could do was play a few instruments, and I always thought writing people were really cool. So I wanted to make an identity for myself, but, the “writing people are cool” thing didn’t work out for me.

  1. How do you relax?

I turn on my speakers and play my ‘Sleep’ playlist, and go sit out in the warm light of my balcony and stare at people while making eerie horror movie kind of faces, and hope they don’t catch me. If left to it, I might fall asleep there, too.

  1. What is your favourite season? And why?

I live in India, so I have summer, the rainy season, and a very, very mild winter. But it’s definitely the rainy season, absolutely. Even though places get flooded and huts full of people get washed away and tsunamis happen, and everything.

  1. Do you cook? Do you enjoy it?

I really, really don’t cook. I can make scrambled eggs though! My scrambled eggs are cool.  Plus, I can boil tea. And I know how to use the microwave.

  1. What is your favourite type of music?

I wouldn’t say I have a specific genre, per se. I like a little bit of everything, from AC/DC and Metallica to Adele to Coldplay to The Honorary Title to Shinedown. But I’ve recently discovered that I get attracted to songs with great lyrics, regardless of whether the music is spectacular or just average.

  1. What is your favourite television show?

Bones, Friends, Breaking Bad. Oh, and How I Met Your Mother. You can’t make me pick.

  1. Are you a morning or night person?

Night. Definitely night. No doubt about it.

  1. Are you a sweet or savory person?

Does this mean me as a person? Or what kind of food I like? I’m sleepy and I don’t understand. I am kind of sweet but I’m sarcastic. But if it’s food, I like pizza and cheesecake?

  1. Are you an avid reader?


  1. On your last trip where did you go?

I don’t travel much, unfortunately. Mainly because I’m sixteen and I use my money to buy chocolate and mango juice.

And now, I’m about to nominate people. Well, I don’t know many people yet, but I stalk some Bloggers with a capital B, so I’m just going to nominate them. Oh, and some other people too.

  1. lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown
  3. DoubleU
  4. 09topsy
  6. Indira’s Blog
  7. For The Cyber
  8. Relax
  9. Victoria Louise Writes
  11. theroadtomypassion

Lame questions follow below.

  1. Favourite superhero?
  2. Funniest dream?
  3. Thoughts on Math?
  4. Aand, thoughts on anime?
  5. Are you a vegetarian?
  6. If you were in a horror movie- go.
  7. Do you like shopping?
  8. You and your phone- married forever or deep-rooted resentment?
  9. If you could time travel- when and why?
  10. Are you good at drawing or sketching?
  11. And finally, what was the last book you read? Elucidate?