Some days, I wish I’d float into the sky.

I wish the wind would coax me up,
Hold my hands and steady me,
And then allow me to drift.
I wish the clouds would hide me from the world-
No one would see me again-
Let me bounce up and down, frolick in the sky,
And allow me to forget.
I wish the rain would rush to join,
And wash all my worry away,
Make me laugh in joy,
And allow me to remember.
Some days, I wish that I would fade away.
I wish my hands and feet would disappear,
(I wish the pain would, too).
I wish the night would open up,
Soothe my fears, and stay.
I wish I would just disappear,
Slowly, softly,
Innocent as a breeze.
I wish I wouldn’t need to think,
I wish I’d just go away.
Some days, I wish the silence would take me,
And I wish they would all forget.
Then everything would shrink to nothing,
And then, slowly, so would I.