Today the bells will toll

Just like every other day.

Today the masses will gather

Building walls of incoherent noise,

Throats hoarse as gravel,

Bodies cleaned and purified,

Prunish hands clapping incessantly,

Familiar applause stretched taut

Whipping through the air like a wise old lash.


Today, the bells will toll

As they did yesterday.

She will appear in magnificent colours,

Youth and courage,

And other things few are born with.

She will smile humbly as they cast me aside

Pride shredded to piteous shame

Cloak of colours fading to grey,

Eyes dimming, watching her,

Empty fingers reaching for a phantom,

The ghost of a moment in the sun.



Today the bells will toll,

As yesterday, you heard they tolled for me.

Today, they toll for her,

And crowds will gather,

Adoration flowing in salty tears.

These sounds of glory define our lives

And tomorrow the bells will toll for you.

Daily prompt: Heard