Once upon a time, there were two hypocrites. They were arguing and one said to the other:

“You’re a hypocrite!”

Remarkably offended, the second hypocrite retorted, “You’re a hypocrite for calling me a hypocrite!” 

Infuriated, the first snapped, “No, you’re a hypocrite for calling me a hypocrite for pointing out your hypocrisy.”

“No, you’re a hypocrite for calling me a hypocrite for calling you a hypocrite for calling me a hypocrite.”

And so they went on and on forever until the universe imploded around them.

The end. 

Why did I just waste your time, you ask? Well, I’m reiterating to myself  I’m a hypocrite for calling my younger self a slacker. Because I’m not very much better right now, since I’ve been updating my blog daily, like never before. 

My point is: I’m trying to study very hard for my twelfth grade finals and all the subsequent nonsense, and I like to take breaks every now and then to come here and write a terrible unnecessary post. 

I’m trying to stop. So I’m going to try to take a hiatus. Possibly one broken by intermittent bursts of weakness. Anyway,I’m not nearly conceited enough to think that my absence for a few months (unlikely) is going to make a dent of any size in your blogging lives.

Instead, I’m here to beg you not to give up on me! While I’m unsure whether my writing will be as decent after this distracting prolific streak, there will be writing. Also, I might drop in every now and then when Organic Chemistry is frying my brain. 

Please don’t leave. I love you. 


Thunder the Neurotic Trainwreck.