We were always glued together
At the hip, at the mind, at the heart.
Perhaps there were parts of us
That met and loved and blended together
And slowly crystallised
(So it seemed).

Perhaps it was a big part of you
and a small part of me
Or a tiny bit of you
and a giant chunk of me
Or maybe they were the same;
Infinitely small.

They must have been delicate
Or brittle or fragile.
They must have been capricious.
They were also powerful
Though we did not know.
We thought it was us.

Accusations hurled
Curses made
Vile words
Thickening the air
Between your breath and mine.
I know those parts are gone.
They left with no parting wave
But a sealed body
of someone loved
sucking silent screams and loud tears
which glistened for a moment
on dull, boring wood.

They must have been capricious
To find it so simple
After eternity
To fracture a sacred harmony.
Dissonance lingers in foul air
As if it knows it does not belong.