It’s true that you placed the first rock. With no look in your eyes, you told me not to leave. I scoffed, for you were foreign, and I was strong. Triumph was mine as you soberly backed away. I threw a grin at the sky, as it rejoiced with a single raindrop, and then a glorious shower.

Others came.

I knew them, for I loved them. You watched from underneath the canopy, beside the hill, as they worked- they worked to build your wall. The lone rock became two and three and fifty five; and they held me in place with their good intentions.

The time came when breathing was difficult, and the disastrous thunderstorm allowed me little vision. Yet, your silhouette haunted me amidst the crunch-thud-thump-click of rocks slotting together, and the low rumble of thunder.

The time came when I could no longer see, and then I wondered who you were. Who were you? Did I know you?- I questioned desperately, even as air became scarce and talking became too much effort. 

The time came when all was quiet and muffled, when I could no longer feel the heavy assault of the rain, when no sense existed; when all was void. You? Who were you?- I wondered again for one not-quite-a-second, staring at a wall of darkness. I blinked; did you exist?- I contemplated faintly, before the abyss engulfed my soul.

This first appeared on 26 July, 2015.

[Unable to publish new content today since my life right now is entirely Gaussian surfaces and n-p-n junction diodes. Also, this is prose, so tell me what you think!
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Update, March 1: still no new content because my exam slayed me.]