Every tether is a shackle.
Though flowery wreaths of golden thread
Or silver glinting in sweltering sun,
It kisses your arm at one end
And licks my throat with its long tongue.
I might try to run away
To the other end of the world,
But my breath will catch as you choke me.
Once I fall and see your glory,
I will be chained to your side.
My days and nights will rise and fall
With the cadence of your cold breath.
My hair will whip around my face
heart pounding, nerves thrumming
As a storm teases at your side.
I will wait with red rimmed eyes
Sleepless when dawn breaks
Wondering where you are,
For it seems your end has give.
Be cruel to me, and push me away;
If you beckon with your madness
I will crawl until my knees bleed,
Insanity is intoxicating,
delirium divine.
Crush me until I loathe you,
Then turn away until I forget you.

Of love or of loathing,
A tether is a shackle,
however lovely.