In one hundred and seventy one words, I am a recently-turned-seventeen teenager who tries not to struggle with social anxiety, depression and mild obsessive compulsive disorder. Writing is rather close to my heart. I like solitude, singing, Queen, Adam Lambert (and I quite like them put together), food and the occasional intimate get-together. I enjoy reading, and spend long hours contemplating the meaning of life and analyzing the little things. I find joy in trivialities, and enjoy the company of people who don’t take themselves too seriously. While being a writer would have been my first choice for a career, reality holds me tethered to the strong hope of becoming a psychiatrist. Or a civil servant. Either works.

Most of the time, my writing is not for people who want a laugh, but there is the rare exception. I also live in the abstract sphere of writing, and often, my writing confuses me. If you figure out things about it, feel free to let me know. I’ll probably need the help.

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