These Things I Write

Reflections of a neurotic trainwreck


Daily prompt


City lights cast a yellow hue

Skyscrapers and shacks 

And long, long forever roads. 

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Leaps of Faith

In the morning, we found a rodent

Lying flat by the door, hell-bent

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(Don’t Be) Gone

I think of you as the sun goes down, 

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No Strengths Detected

I never intended to write about my anxiety, because several people do it better and for better reasons, while I count it as yet another reason to lament about my life; in my feeble defence, I’m seventeen. Regardless, the internet and I had a conversation yesterday which I thought was completely hilarious, so I thought it was worth writing about.

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It’s easy to find a blurry face

To take the place of another

In an unflinching wave of laughter,

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For months on end he did not shave. 

A cracked bathroom mirror would glare under fog, 

Chalk-white walls clouding over:

Perceptive, he would think, 

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Stare Not

Stare not at her guileless eyes

Hosting a constellation, glittering

In inky pools full of grace

Trained firmly on your charmed face. 

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I Am Not A People Person

Knock, knock: a stranger at the door,

Selling a dictionary, collecting for charity.

Nervous shuffle, nails digging into palm

As I open a window, heart pounding,

Make excuses, and rush to solitary calm.

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And Crowds Will Gather. 

Today the bells will toll

Just like every other day.

Today the masses will gather

Building walls of incoherent noise,

Throats hoarse as gravel,

Bodies cleaned and purified,

Prunish hands clapping incessantly,

Familiar applause stretched taut

Whipping through the air like a wise old lash.

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