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Reflections of a neurotic trainwreck




I’m having an off day-
you know the kind-

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Picture of Malaise

Drew a picture, half asleep,
Sunshine and a fountain
And of toys you put away
And pine for quietly when life is loudest.
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You used to suck the sorrow
from this void.
Around us, the world could wilt
and fade away
when I drowned in numbness
you with your white hot iron grip
would drag me back to piercing emotion.
Where are you now?
All I have is every memory
Pulled out in gasps from my throat
All I have is your timestamp.
Where are you now?
In this arid land
My body is a thunderstorm
shackled to the bed,
muffled distress swallowed by fabric
lightning ripping this heart apart.
I need you now.
Where are you now?
Where are you?
Begging begets apathy.
Where are you now?
Come back
and drag your callus along my cheek, 
leave behind a bright red promise.

I have no excuse for this but needing an outlet. Bear with me. 


Don’t run,
Stay and learn
Wrap your folly around your wrist. 
It lives, breathing in your moist exhale:
Cold, clairvoyant death mist.

It closes around your pale weak skin
Manacle freezing to your rotting bone,
Choking the very life out of you-
Life you wanted to throw away-
Lunatic, stay!

Let your eyes slide shut.
Close your eyes and chase the light
All you see is dark?
Ignorance, blind one.
Dark walls dark panes dark eyes
Dark sins dark moment dark future.
Don’t run,
Stay and let us look at you.


Time slows down in a rain coated bubble.
Here, stories are magic
and words are power.
Here, love is grey
and longing melts in decrescendo.
Freedom is lovely,wrapped in red,
held out on a silver platter.
When time slows,
dream and waking hour blur together,
whirring, clicking,
drowned out by a passing thunderstorm.


I have nothing left to write
My words are spent,
My ink runs dry,
Words stumbled and spilled over,
Chained to a silent full stop.
My story has been cut short
Snatched away like reason in a mob
Or lost like a whisper in a storm.
It was not a pretty tale
But it was mine
And now I have none.
Now at night my desk is cold,
My mind throbs with phantom pain
My heart has said its all.
Now when talk dissolves into a hush
And time demands to ebb and slow
I gather up my hurt and go to sleep
With fragments of ideas my dreams generate
Now that I cannot create.


What is a dream but a lost fantasy wind?
Fickle and saccharine and full of lies to rescind.
What is a dream but dust?
For crumble in someone’s fist it must.
What is a dream but rays of silver moonshine?
It fades to nothing at sunrise, line by lovely line.
What is a dream but a vain boast?
Reason will never wrap it closed.

Then what fool cares for dreams,
Or yearning or pining or wishing
When your heart lies on another’s palm?
A dream is unreal-
What truth does it hold?

What is a dream?
Just hope that melts on your tongue.


Little hurt people live in my head,
wrecked for hate
or too much love.
They walked so far upon their feet,
found solace in my pit of vitriol
and harboured their fatal fleet.
They try to whisper but echo mighty.
Dark creatures scurry through my mind;
to touch is to taint.
They taught me to let no one see the black pulsing through my veins,
the neat rip across my heart,
the hollow I see beyond tomorrow
“for the light makes mock of sorrow.”
To let no one spy
the lies on my tongue,
charred dreams inked in pain, and
that no one is as gone as I.


A little time bomb failed all its tests,
Got hurled into a deep ravine
In scrub and thorn and stagnant water
Gained a coat of ruby rust,
But still it kept on ticking
As the sun and moon switched places
Once and thrice and thirty times.
It kept ticking loud and measured:
Tick tick tick tick tick. 
The world abhors your sound. 
Someone plunge a chunk of metal
Deep into its heart
Just let the pain bleed out.

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