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I miss

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This Is Not Clickbait

Once upon a time, there were two hypocrites. They were arguing and one said to the other: Continue reading “This Is Not Clickbait”

Guest Post – Day 1: Within a Dream

So this wonderful blogger was amazing enough to feature one of my poems on her site. Go read and show her some love if you aren’t already doing it! Go!

Hello Everyone! As I had promised in my earlier post, starting today I shall be publishing one guest post each day for the next seven days. Today it is my pleasure to publish the following poem, wr…

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The Infinity Dreams Blog Award…?..

In a completely unexpected and unforeseen sequence of events, Trudy from Rendezvous En New York nominated me for the Infinity Dreams Blog Award.
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Read This

Ordinarily, I would not use this platform to recommend anyone’s work, mainly because I’m vain. But today, I read this and I have to tell you, I fell in love. I fell in love with the writing, and the guy who wrote it, however short lived the latter love might have been. I urge you to read this wonderful tribute to the crisis in Nepal, because it is a unique perspective that made me shiver. And not just because the author is a good friend of mine.

Aftershocks: by Varun Nair

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