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High School, Slam Books and Insight

Tenth grade is pretty crucial for an Indian teenager, as I often like to complain. In one of the most academically competitive societies in the world (a statistic I assume is correct), your performance Continue reading “High School, Slam Books and Insight”

Collecting Detail

My stomach was protesting just like it always did after my exams-concentrating on a paper that carries eighty marks, for two whole hours is, evidently, both mentally and physically draining. I rolled my eyes up to the dull blue sky (December had reduced our suffering quite a bit) as I recalled the questions that had tortured me and made me lose valuable time. I scoffed, thinking about one particular balancing problem-that equation couldn’t have been correct. I had spent nearly half an hour on it, placing different numbers in front of Potassium and Manganese and Hydrogen and Sulphur and pleading with them to just co-operate, and occasionally running my fingers through my hair and Continue reading “Collecting Detail”

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