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Reflections of a neurotic trainwreck


I wrote a poem about you
In which you were someone else
but underneath, you were you Continue reading “Poem”


Not quite pitch black:
Grime-coated rusty streetlights
looming over echoing, overused, underused
grey tar ridden with cavities.
Not quite silent:
Crickets and frogs
and horns and distant music
and somewhere, water splashing,
everywhere, people in peril.
Yet somnolence hangs heavy
yawning in humid early summer sky.
No place for the sleepless;
burning lamp but a distant speck,
not old enough to matter,
too old not to.
Almost. But not quite.


We were always glued together
At the hip, at the mind, at the heart. Continue reading “Fractured”


Fear, choking, clawing up your throat, 

A bitter lump living in mine.

I hate that you put it there. 

That you could not nurture and advise.

(I am terrified.)

Cave, give in, help me. 

Help me run away

From suffocation;

I need to run from your grasp. 

Push me away with a kiss. 

Give me a chance;

Let me live. 


Forever crawling after you

As you live, 

And I struggle 

Inside this glass asylum

You: brisk beautiful walk

And I long to be near you

Trying, always, 

Only a little hesitant, 

To break it down. 

You take the world by storm

While I shiver in the rain, 

Stooping canvas of phantom cuts. 


City lights cast a yellow hue

Skyscrapers and shacks 

And long, long forever roads. 

Continue reading “Blur”

This Is Not Clickbait

Once upon a time, there were two hypocrites. They were arguing and one said to the other: Continue reading “This Is Not Clickbait”

Leaps of Faith

In the morning, we found a rodent

Lying flat by the door, hell-bent

Continue reading “Leaps of Faith”

Guest Post – Day 1: Within a Dream

So this wonderful blogger was amazing enough to feature one of my poems on her site. Go read and show her some love if you aren’t already doing it! Go!

Hello Everyone! As I had promised in my earlier post, starting today I shall be publishing one guest post each day for the next seven days. Today it is my pleasure to publish the following poem, wr…

Source: Guest Post – Day 1: Within a Dream

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